Impact Investment: A step in the right direction Part 1

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February 10, 2020

It has taken children to step forward and make us see the damage economics is having on our planet. Like it or not, the likes of Greta Thunberg and the Friday movement are here to stay. It’s time as a society that we start funding the right projects and companies. For the good of the environment, as opposed to a rich few. Are you aware that your investments and pensions could be harming the things you hold dear?

“What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

- Henry David Thoreau In part one of this article on Impact Investing, we will be breaking down what it is and how you can get involved.

What is Impact investment? 

Impact investing is a rapidly growing industry of investors who are leading the way in global change concerning investments and pensions. Typically your pension would be held with thousands of others and invested into a monopoly of portfolios, that might be digging for oil in the middle east or manufacture weapons for war.

Are you sure you want to profit from the decay of the planet and war? No, and we wouldn’t want that either. That’s where impact investment managers come in to play. Their primary role is to invest in the social and environmental projects and still create a financial return for you, the customer. 

Do you know how your pension is being invested? 

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Does this mean my returns on investment will suffer? 
NO, the opposite, in fact, According to the annual members survey from the (GINN) - Global impact investing network, there is currently $502 billion in impact investing assets. To put this in perspective, the figure in 2017 was $117 Billion. It’s no wonder that this is a rapidly growing industry with great returns occurring already!

A general misconception is that investors will have to give up returns to make a positive impact. A study from Cambridge Associates found that assets invested in positive portfolios, actually compete with and in certain cases do better than the traditional asset strategies.

What projects can be invested in? 

The world is changing and for the good, the world has seen a rise in veganism by 30%. Many Countries are doing more to cut pollution in major cities, budgets from governments are now regularly being allocated to startups and clean energy ideals. There are an array of investment opportunities for your money to make an impact. 

The sectors below are most common for impact investment.

Clean Energy Solutions 

Renewable Energy 

Ai/Technology solutions to assist in clean energy 

sustainable agriculture 

Affordable and basic living services


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It’s time to stand up and take action! Climate experts agree that within the next decade, we’re going to see substantial and irreversible damage to the planet. You can prevent that damage now by making sure your investments, pensions and future financial choices go towards fuelling cleaner and more positive companies, projects and plans.

How we get you on the path to a cleaner and more positive future.

So have we caught your attention? Do you want to start investing your funds in a brighter future? Great news! The next steps below are the process that we follow when dealing with new clients wanting to move to impact investing.

Face to face meetings

Our advisors will sit with you and discuss the broad spectrum of choices you have available from cleaner energy to basic living assets, health care, schools etc. You can then decide the level of investment and the right industry that will suit you.

Like for like

We will then evaluate your current traditional investments and look to match the level of return you are currently receiving. This will give you more of a peace of mind that you are investing in better assets but will still be seeing the same results.

Analyse risk 

Next, Our advisors will structure your portfolio and work diligently to make sure that it’s performing to its full potential. They will achieve this by keeping a close eye on the risk and return factors. Moving your investment to safer stocks and other investment opportunities. 

Ai investment group we can help you manage the whole process. Get in contact with us here to better understand how we can help you make an impact on your investment strategy.

In part 2 of our blog post about Impact Investing, we will go into further detail about the industry and the exact figures. We will also discuss where we see the industry going in the future and how you can continue to get involved.