Let our tax consultants help make taxation less painful.

We all dread sorting out our taxes and paying them at the correct time can be complicated. Ai Investment Group take the confusion out of paying taxes for expatriates and Emeratis. We’re not tax advisors, but we have many tax reducing structures to protect your wealth.

Taxation in the UAE can be a minefield for expatriates, there are different types of taxation including but not limited to: income tax, property tax, corporate tax, rental taxes and of course repatriation tax should you choose to move home. Our expert team utilises favourable strategies to ensure you're paying the best rates to get the most out of your hard-earned capital.

Taxation becomes more complex when you have to deal with foreign affairs and follow international taxation policies. We’re on hand to create an intelligent taxation strategy to help you get the most out of your wealth. We create a unique framework including; rigorous planning, identification of tax risks and potential for financial loss.

We provide proper assistance & guidance on complying with the provisions of UAE tax laws. Our taxation strategy knowledge coupled with industry experience, can assist you and/or your business. Ai Investment Group can guide you through any challenge to guide you towards a sustainable and profitable tax strategy.

Looking for other ways to maximise your wealth management potential? We can help you with all areas of investment planning, be it for your family’s education, diversifying your portfolio with real estate or planning for a comfortable retirement.

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trusted team.

Taxation Dubai: Guide To Expat Tax In The UAE | Ai Investment

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Over the past six years, I have maintained and developed a strong relationship with The Ai Investment Group. I have worked in four countries during that period and the guidance I have received has been second to none when it came to planning for my family's future.

Head of Project Management


Relocating to Dubai: The Laws You NEED to know.

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 If you’re looking to invest in your own or your children’s education and future, Ai Investment Group can give you invaluable advice to help you preserve your wealth.

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