Investing in property has never been more rewarding

The real estate market in Dubai has become the fastest-growing investment opportunity over the past 20 years. Ai Investment Group’s extensive network of global developers and current affiliates give us exceptional access to plenty of exciting residential, commercial and off-plan properties across exciting markets such as the UK and Europe.

From the second you choose Ai Investment Group, our experts support you every step of the way towards your real estate
investment – handling everything from raising finance, property management and even rentals.

We rely only on world-class partners with proven track records to build a bespoke investment experience entirely centred around you. Whether you’re buying your first or second home, a buy to let opportunity, or there’s an exciting mixed-use development you want a stake in, let Ai Investment Group handle it for you.

The Dubai real estate market has attracted investors from every corner of the globe, all keen to invest in a vibrant and dynamic arena. Despite fluctuations in the world economy affecting almost every industry in financial regards, Dubai has managed to maintain its charm to investors. We work with our potential buyers to make sure they’re aware of all aspects to consider when purchasing a property.Including recent announcements from the Dubai government about 10 year and life time visas now being issued to business owners and select investors, which we fully expect to have a hugely positive impact on the market.

Ai Investment Group handles a range of real estate investment management services, including: real estate purchase and sales, mortgages & financing, real estate management, letting & rentals, legal matters and tax implications. We aim to make our property investment services as easy as possible, real estate in Dubai remains an exciting addition to an already diverse portfolio!

Looking to sell your property and move home but not sure about how repatriation tax could affect you? Or perhaps you are wondering if real estate investing is the best way to plan for your retirement? Whatever questions you have, we are on hand to help you feel confident in the success of your wealth management.

20 years experience in the
property industry


Alex has been reliable, credible  and personable  in my dealings with him. As a result, he has gained my trust and by extension the company he works for. He is one of the few people in the finance sector that has maintained a level of personal contact after the initial interactions to gain business. I happily recommend him to my friends, family and wider network.

Advisory and Consulting Mandates.


Why Hiring a Financial Adviser is Essential 

We know how difficult it can be to keep on top of your money management. That’s why hiring a financial adviser could help you to be more efficient with your wealth. Getting things in order for the future can be tricky but with the guidance a financial adviser can offer, you will see a huge difference in how your money is managed. 

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Want more information on real estate and property taxation? Read more on our taxation services below.

Our investment advisors can give you professional advice on your tax management and taxation reduction strategies to help protect your wealth.

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