Our wealth management advisors will structure your money to work as hard for you as you do for it.

At Ai Investment Group we work with you to manage your wealth and investment opportunities to maximise your assets. We always keep in mind your long-term objectives, this allows us to steer your portfolio in a direction that serves both your financial ambition and your specific lifestyle choice.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your capital across different portfolios like real estate investing or are beginning to consider your financial options in retirement and pensions, we provide bespoke and professional investment management services to both expats and Dubai residents.

Our private wealth management services can cover many different areas with ample opportunities to utilise a selection of asset classes and platforms. We look at all the opportunities available before presenting them for you to decide what’s most suited to you.

Before we can make any recommendations, we need to understand your wants and needs, what your appetite for risk is and how liquid you would like to be with a potential investment opportunity. First we look at what structure will be most suitable for your current and future situation and your time frame. Our team can then start to analyse the suitable asset classes to invest in, whether it be multi-asset managers or specific single stocks.

We analyse all of our client’s current portfolio’s to find potential unnecessary tax liabilities which we will outline and work to eradicate completely. At Ai InvestmentGroup, we work with top Swiss investment banks and global asset managers to find the best performing funds in the market for you. Our core focus is value, we perform client satisfaction questionnaires every six months to ensure our clients are happy with our financial services as well as the performance against the current market climate.

Dedicated personal wealth managers


It is a pleasure to work with Alex and his team. They always provide prompt and helpful replies to any questions I send them. Phone chats are also pleasant and instructive for me. Alex appears to be constantly on top of market developments and proactively gets in touch with me to inform me on the company's views. In sum, Alex and his team provide a secure environment for doing business.

Professor of Quantitative Business Administration


Why Hiring a Financial Adviser is Essential 

We know how difficult it can be to keep on top of your money management. That’s why hiring a financial adviser could help you to be more efficient with your wealth. Getting things in order for the future can be tricky but with the guidance a financial adviser can offer, you will see a huge difference in how your money is managed. 

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At Ai Investment Group our knowledgeable financial advisors work with you to invest in residential, commercial and off-plan property across exciting markets.

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