Use our repatriation tax services to make sure you go home with more than just your memories.

Our team of experts support you every step of the way by understanding who you are. In-depth knowledge of your current career path and your dream retirement plan inform how we financially advise you to make the best of what you earn, wherever you are.

As an expat, when you decide to return to your country of origin voluntarily from the UAE, you’ll find that the process of returning home involves nearly as much planning as when you first left!

Repatriation can mean a lot of organisation to make sure you don’t suffer any unnecessary loss of finances. Ai Investment Group work with you to build a coherent strategy designed to maximise your assets including any overseas real estate investments and make the transition as smooth as possible. Whether you’ve already started investing in your future self and family or not, we’ve got you covered. When the time comes, we make sure that you can access your assets when you want it, whilst maximising tax efficiency.

We have relationships with world-class partners who have proven track records in building pensions that grow with you – so there’s always money in the bank when you need it. Whether you’re five years away from retirement, or are planning early for the long game, let Ai Investment Group handle it for you. We’re independent, we’re thorough, we’re recognised, and we’re on your side.

You move, we move with you offering flexibility and stability throughout your life.


I have worked with Alex since my return to Switzerland and truly feel that the recommendations provided are tailored specifically to me. Much appreciate having Alex as my adviser.

Senior Director


Relocating to Dubai: The Laws You NEED to know.

Dubai is a fantastic place to start a new life but there are lots of things to consider when relocating to the country. There are many laws that need to be learnt and followed before you head out there which we will go over in this post, from how to get a job to social constructs that need to be adhered to.

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