Why You Should Invest In Property Within the United Arab Emirates

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February 3, 2020

The United Arab Emirates has always been an attractive destination for foreign investors- and for good reason.

The UAE is known for its two largest cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The weather is outstanding throughout the year, it has an abundance of attractions and is extremely multicultural with a lot of nationalities working together in a thriving economy.

Relocating to the United Arab Emirates is a very popular option for many looking to invest in property/ real estate and or relocate.

Only 10% of the country is UAE national and the remainder is expatriates.

If investing in personal property or real-estate in the United Arab Emirates interests you or you're simply looking for wealth management options, then carry on reading to find out:

  • Why should you invest in property in the UAE?
  • How you can invest in the UAE.
  • What are the benefits of investing the UAE?

Why Should You Invest in Property in the UAE?

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge for a better future, then now is the time. It's currently the best time to invest in property in the UAE. 

There has been a range of governmental changes happening, including new retirement requirements and updated long-term visa acceptance. This means that it’s easier than ever to invest in property now for your retirement.

Investing in property in a different country is a chance to earn passive income, which could benefit you financially. 

Passive income is when you earn money through an endeavour in which you are not actively involved in.

If you were to invest in a property in Dubai - there are ample opportunities for you to put the property on the rental market. The money you earn from your tenant is a form of passive income. 

The UAE is renowned for its tax-free income lifestyle. At this moment, the only direct tax on real estate purchases is  4% -which is charged at the time of sale and is based on the value of the transaction. Aside from that, when purchasing a property in Dubai, there are no direct taxes.

There is a private community fee which is similar to homeowners association fees, this cost is calculated on square footage of the property.

As well as investing in residential properties, there is the thriving real estate market that boasts investment opportunity in Dubai.

But how?

How Can I Invest in the UAE Property Market?

We have discussed why you should invest in the UAE, now let’s talk about how.

Buying property in the country in which you live in can be daunting, let alone thinking about investing in a house or apartment aboard. 

Don't panic, Ai Investment Group make it simple.

We work with you to manage your wealth and investment opportunities so that they work with you to maximise your assets. 

We always keep in mind your long-term objectives, to allow us to steer your portfolio in a direction that serves both your financial ambition and your specific lifestyle choices.

At Ai we provide you with bespoke, professional and personal investment management services whether you’re an expat or a Dubai resident.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in UAE Property?

If we put aside the cost benefits of investing in property in the UAE and the glorious weather 9 months of the year, there is also a multitude of financial advantages.

If you’re looking to invest and relocate, then the UAE has plenty to offer.

There is a strong, stable and growing economy which truly is the global hub for international business and finance.

For families it’s an extremely child friendly country, with outstanding opportunities in education and further education. 

Or maybe you’re not looking to move abroad but you still want to invest, there are plenty of ways to make a passive income. On average, 15.8 million people visit Dubai every year, with that much footfall coming in and out of the UAE annually, investment in property has the potential to earn you money. 

If this sounds like an opportunity that’s right for you, then contact us for more information.